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How does rota-table faucets rota?

May 25, 2015

Life is full of learning, rotating faucets is gradually becoming our daily necessities, but exactly how the rotating rotary swivel? A lot of people are not very understanding, following on from I am answering for you.

First, the structure

Rotating faucet structure is not complicated, which is a rotating core inside, while the outer core is a set. Wherein rotation of the body is connected to the core, and the core sleeve and the outlet pipe is connected.

Second, is it easy to wear?

Due to the rotation of the core installed with seals and wear ring, but it also has the inner wall of the core sleeve groove wear, outer ring also has headphones, so have the protection of wear rings, not only have to worry about rotating faucet wear problems, but it is also better protection of seals, extend the life of rotating taps.

Third, can it be disassemble?

Rotating faucets use a long time, need to do some cleaning, then the need to disassemble the faucet. At this time pay attention to the need to bring it on a soft cloth wrapped faucet, then let's use the dismantling spanner to prevent damage to the faucet.

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