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The installation of kitchen faucets

June 6, 2015

How to install a kitchen faucet ? And what should we pay attention to during the installation? One thing is that do not install the cold and hot water hose in opposite. Generally speaking, the hose faced to the left of kitchen faucet is for hot water, while faced to the right of kitchen faucet is for cold water, expect special mark. After installation, remove such accessorize which is easy blocking such as bubbler and shower, let the water flow and clean the dirt completely, then fix them back.

kitchen faucet

kitchen faucet with the accompanying tools should be retained for future maintenance use. When dismantling the water hose, do not wrap sealing tape, do not use a wrench, tighten by hand directly, otherwise it will damage the hose. Wall-mounted kitchen faucet needed to determine the length of the exposed elbow, or elbow exposed walls too, affect the appearance. As far as possible in the installation basin, bidet, install kitchen faucet before washing basin, bathtub. For thermostat, hot water supply temperature range of 50 ° C-80 ° C, the recommended temperature hot water supply 65 ° C. For the kitchen faucet into the wall, if necessary, heating welding, be sure to remove the spool, such as plastic, rubber parts. Wall-mounted kitchen faucet before against the wall, weighed whether to test joints for leaks, repair as needed. Attention must be emptied of all air pipe and kitchen faucet when pressure inside the test.

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